Mazda Australia

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These figures confirm the place among the top 3 brands of Mazda. According to the FACTS statistics, Mazda dominates nearly a ten percent market share with vehicles. These figures include utilities, automobiles and SUVs, which chairs Mazda as the popular brand in the country and the importer of a line of vehicles. In 2008, the Mazda 6 has had its best sales year with the award winning Drive Car of the Year and trend in the Australia's Best Cars. This is supposed to be caused by the introduction of the new look Mazda 6 that hit at the show rooms. The Mazda 6 has attained the crown for the top selling mid import of Australia, outselling its nearest rival by nearly 4,500 vehicles. The Mazda 3 bolsters the characters. This is one of cars in demand for Mazda Australia. Sales for 2013 were more than 42,000 vehicles. This included an astonishing amount of 4,022 Mazda 3.

This provided a fantastic boost as car enthusiasts to the sales figures sought an deal out Mazda 3 in 2014. The company are understandably satisfied with the 2013 earnings performance. According to managing director of Mazda Australia the organization is thankful for the support Mazda receives from the people. Mazda isn't just thought of a hatchback manufacturer. Though the 2012 figures were favourable at 15,861 vehicles the 2013 figures have shown a enormous improvement of twenty seven percent growth at over 20,000. This made the Favourite SUV of the CX-5 Australia. Mazda Australia managed to improve distribution and increase sales of the cx 5 2018.

The BT-50 had an high of 13,702 vehicles. When choosing a car, there's a wide assortment of choice. However show that a number of people have confidence in this brand. The Mazda titles do not stop there. The figures demonstrate that the Mazda 2 is the favourite car for Australia. This is the second time in 3 years that this name has been taken by Mazda. The figures for 2013 reveal that through Mazda Australia Mazda 2's were marketed over 15,000.